All PhD applicants must submit a completed application through SOPHAS.

To find our program track, please use one or more of the following searchable SOPHAS designations:

  • Institution: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • Degree: PhD

  • Program Name: Biomedical Sciences in Public Health

  • Program Type: Biomedical Sciences

The final deadline is December 1st.  

Candidates for admission to the PhD program will be invited to the department for interviews. Travel expenses will be paid by the department.

For additional information about application materials, please visit our Admissions page.

If you have other enquiries, please feel free to contact Sr. Academic Coordinator, Ms. Mystee Jennings (


All PhD students receive full financial support that covers tuition, fees, medical insurance and a stipend for living expenses. Graduate students are not required to serve as teaching assistants, although opportunities to teach are available if a student so desires.