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Professor and Co-Director of Cancer Biology




It is now widely accepted that cancer is a disease mediated by alterations in specific genes. The last decade has witnessed a dramatic increase in our understanding of the genomic characteristics of human cancer. In my laboratory we began these studies through a systematic analysis of gene families in human cancer, identifying PIK3CA as one of the most commonly mutated cancer genes. We extended these approaches with colleagues at JHU and other institutions to perform the first analyses of cancer genomes in breast, colorectal, pancreas, brain and other cancers. These efforts revealed the genomic landscape of human cancers, identifying new therapeutic targets such as mutant IDH genes in brain cancers and dysregulation of chromatin remodeling as a major mechanism of tumorigenesis. These analyses were spurred through novel genomic approaches we developed, including SAGE, Digital Karyotyping, and high throughput sequencing methods. 

Despite the progress that has been made, much remains to be discovered in understanding the dynamic changes that occur in cancer genomes during therapy, resistance and progression, and using this information for early detection and intervention. My group currently focuses on identifying genetic alterations in cancer affecting sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies, and connecting such changes to key clinical characteristics and novel therapeutic approaches. We have recently developed methods that allow non-invasive characterization of cancer, including the PARE method that provided the first whole genome analysis of tumor DNA in the circulation of cancer patients. These analyses provide a window into real-time genomic analyses of cancer patients and provide new avenues for personalized diagnostic and therapeutic intervention.

Genetics, Genomics and Gene Regulation

Selected Publications:

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